Our Mission

Our priority is to provide investigational agents that are supported by strong experimental and preclinical data to a patient population for which standard therapy is ineffective. We care for our patients with compassion, and we respect their courageous volunteerism to participate in clinical research. We are committed to maintaining the integrity of scientific research through the Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center and contributing to the future of cancer therapeutics.

Our Team 

Director: Daniel C. Cho, MD
Research Nurse: Sue Gotthardt, RN, OCN
Clinical Research Specialist: Janine Morrissey
Clinical Research Assistants: Felicia Nguyen; Kimiko Kossler
Administrative Assistant: Rena Flambo

Phase I Clinical Trials

As members of the Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center (DF/HCC) , the Phase I Investigational Group offers several agents with various mechanisms of action. The list of options varies and is updated accordingly. Please contact Sue Gotthardt RN, OCN at (617) 632-9272 for more information.

Protocol Number Drug(s) http://clinicaltrials.gov Identifier Mechanism of Action
06-068 PF-02341066 NCT00585195 c-Met/ALK Inhibitor
06-151 GC1008 NCT00356460 TGF-β Inhibitor
07-112 XL147 NCT00486135 PI3Kinase Inhibitor
07-151 STA-9090 NCT00688116 HSP90 Inhibitor
07-311 RO4929097 NCT00532090 Inhibitor
08-006 AT13387 NCT00878423 HSP90 Inhibitor
08-030 MK-1775 and Cisplatin, Carboplatin or Gemcitabine NCT00648648 Wee1 Inhibitor
08-033 ALB 109564(a) NCT00724100 Tubulin Inhibitor
08-171 BIBW 2992 NCT00748709 EGFR/ErbB Inhibitor
08-175 MM-121 NCT00734305 ERbB3
08-197 TLC388 (Lipotecan) NCT00747474 Topoisomerase 1 Inhibitor
08-383 PF-04554878 NCT00787033 FAK Inhibitor
09-036 TKI-272 (Neratinib) and Temsirolimus NCT00838539 EGFR and mTOR inhibitor
09-057 BMS-540215 (Brivanib) and chemotherapy NCT00798252 VEGFR2 Inhibitor
09-066 ALN-VSP02 NCT00882180 KSP and VEGFR inhibitor
09-132 BMS-863233 NCT00886782 CDC7 Inhibitor
09-138 PF-03084014 NCT00878189 Gamma Secretase Inhibitor