Dr. Stephen Juraschek

Research ConcentrationsStephen Juraschek, MD, PhD

  • Hypertension & orthostatic hypotension
  • Diet & nutrition
  • Cardiovascular disease epidemiology & prevention trials

Contact Information

Email: sjurasch@bidmc.harvard.edu

Professional Biography

Dr. Juraschek is a clinician investigator with expertise in epidemiology and clinical trials. His primary area of interest is blood pressure regulation with standing and its relationship with adverse events such as falls and syncope. He is currently involved in several clinical trials examining a healthy eating pattern, the DASH diet, as well as sodium reduction in relation to cardiovascular risk factors, physical function, and blood pressure. He is also the principal investigator on a study that examines the effects of healthy diet on subclinical cardiovascular disease, in particular, high sensitivity troponin and NT-proB-type natriuretic peptide.

Dr. Juraschek has also published over 10 studies on uric acid and gout and is currently leading a clinical trial on diet for uric acid reduction. He is also interested in health disparities with regards to food access as well as participation in clinical trials. This interest has led to several recent studies on trial recruitment of under-represented groups.

Current Research Support

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Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

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