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Kristen Kraemer, PhDResearch Concentrations

  • Health Behavior Change
  • Mind-Body Interventions
  • Emotional Health in Chronic Illness

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Dr. Kristen Kraemer is a clinical health psychologist and Instructor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. She joined the faculty in 2021 after completing a T32 Research Fellowship in Integrative Medicine at Harvard Medical School and BIDMC.

Dr. Kraemer's research focuses on identifying and testing strategies to promote healthy behaviors (e.g., physical activity) among individuals with or at-risk for cardiopulmonary conditions. She recently began a NIH K23 award (NCCIH) to better understand mind-body exercise for promoting long-term physical activity engagement. Dr. Kraemer is also interested in identifying physiological and cognitive-affective mechanisms of mind-body interventions for health behavior change. Her past work has centered on understanding the role of cognitive-affective processes in chronic health conditions (e.g., asthma).

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