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  • Patients' Perspective on Quality of Care 
  • Health Information Technology 
  • Patient Engagement

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Email: jwalker1@bidmc.harvard.edu

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Jan Walker joined the Division's faculty in 2007 as a research associate. Her principal research interests lie in patients’ perspectives on care and the use of information technologies to improve their experience. She and Tom Delbanco are co-Founders of "OpenNotes," a national initiative that urges health care providers to offer patients ready access to the visit notes written by their doctors, nurses, and other clinicians. She was a co-investigator on a project evaluating how open notes may reduce errors and enhance patient safety, and has examined the information needs of elders and their families. Ms. Walker serves as an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School.


Current Research Support

Research Grant #71082, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2013-2015 OpenNotes: Supporting expansion of the practice of giving patients access to physicians’ medical notes (phase 5). 

The major goal of this phase is to convince enough providers to implement open notes that we reach a tipping point, leading open notes to become a national standard of care.

Role: Co-Principal Investigator

Research Grant, CRICO/RMF, 2013-2015 
Transparency through open notes: Sharing visit notes to decrease diagnostic error and enhance patient safety.

The objectives are to assess the potential for patients’ online access to clinician notes to decrease diagnostic error and improve patient safety. 
Role: Co-Investigator

Research grant 20140639, The Commonwealth Fund, 2015-2017 
OurNotes: A new strategy to improve care for complex patients

The objectives are to pilot approaches to having patients and families contribute to their notes online. 
Role: Principal Investigator

Research grants from Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation (#4926), Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (#73038), Peterson Center on Healthcare (#16019), and Cambia Health Foundation (Transforming Health Care track), 2015-2018 
OpenNotes: Spread, discovery, and measurement

The objectives of this grant with funding shared by 4 foundations are to establish OpenNotes as a national standard of care; to use OpenNotes in innovations related to areas including patient safety, patient education, mental illness, and family caregiving; and to evaluate the impact of OpenNotes. 
Role: Co-Principal Investigator

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

  1. Walker J, Pan E, Johnston D, Adler-Milstein J, Bates DW, Middleton B. The value of health care information exchange and interoperability. Health Aff (Millwood) 2005 Jan-Jun; Suppl Web Exclusives: W5-10-W5-18.

  2. Delbanco T*, Walker J* (co-first), Bell SK, Darer JD, Elmore JG, Farag N, Feldman HJ, Mejilla R, Ngo L, Ralston JD, Ross SE, Trivedi N, Vodicka E, Leveille SG. Inviting patients to read their doctors’ notes: A year’s experience and a look ahead. Ann Intern Med 2012; 157:461-470.

  3. Walker J, Meltsner M, Delbanco T. U.S. experience with doctors and patients sharing clinical notes. BMJ 2015; 350:g7785.
  4. Wright EA, Darer JD, Tang X, Thompson J, Tusing LD, Fossa A, Delbanco T, Ngo L,* Walker J* (co-last). Effect of sharing physician notes on adherence to medications. J Med Internet Res 2015; 17(10):e226.

  5. Walker J, Crotty BH, O’Brien J, Dierks MM, Lipsitz L, Safran C. Addressing the challenges of aging: how elders and their care partners seek information. The Gerontologist 2016; doi: 10.1093/geront/gnw060.