Zhao Laboratory

Dezheng Zhao, PhD
Assistant Professor of Medicine 
Harvard Medical School 

Dr. Dezheng Zhao earned his PhD degree from Department of Biochemistry of Boston University School of Medicine in 2000 and then did his postdoctoral fellow training at BIDMC's Gastroenterology Division. Dr. Zhao was appointed to Instructor of Medicine of Harvard Medical School and then became an Assistant Professor of Medicine of Harvard Medical School in 2007. He received his NIH/NIDDK postdoctoral fellowship and then was awarded his NIH/NIDDK Career Developmental Award. 

Dr. Zhao has long-term research interests in the molecular mechanisms of the pathophysiology of intestinal inflammation and colorectal carcinoma with particular focus on the role of neuropeptides and orphan nuclear receptors in these intestinal diseases. Dr. Zhao's laboratory has two main research interests: (1) function and molecular mechanism of orphan nuclear receptor Nur77 family members in pathological angiogenesis and related diseases particularly inflammatory bowel diseases; and (2) function and mechanism of neuropeptides in pathological angiogenesis, inflammatory bowel diseases and colon cancer.