Dr. Raza Malik, MD, PhD, completed a PhD in Liver Cell Biology and Hepatology and is currently conducting clinical research into a variety of liver diseases including liver failure, liver cancer, cirrhosis, and portal hypertension. He is the principal investigator on a number of studies in liver failure, including extracorporeal liver support, for acute and chronic liver failure (Liver Dialysis). He is a member of a national multicenter consortium through the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases to identify risk factors, natural history and complications of cirrhosis and portal hypertension. The Liver Tumor Program has a multidisciplinary research component led by Dr. Malik that is evaluating a variety of treatments, both alone and in combination (multimodal) for liver cancer. In the last decade, Dr. Malik has made novel discoveries in the field of noninvasive markers of liver disease in hepatitis C, NASH, and liver fibrosis.