Zebrafish Core

About the BIDMC Zebrafish Core Facility

The BIDMC Zebrafish Core Facility is is a newly designed 3,000+ fish tank facility, located in the Slosberg-Landay building. It is a state-of-the-art 2,500 sq. ft. facility built by Pentair Aquatic Habitats. The facility is equipped with 48 racks which hold standard sized adult zebrafish tanks, a three rack nursery space for larval fish, and a quarantine space containing two stand-alone housing systems. Wild-type lines are maintained inhouse for shared use. Wet lab space is available for breeding and line maintenance; core staff and facility-associated technicians perform daily feeding. The core includes a dedicated procedure room for embryo manipulation. Since 2011, a full time manager staffs the facility and is available for assistance with access, training and general Zebrafish husbandry questions. All BIDMC Zebrafish Core users must be associated with an IACUC-approved animal protocol.


  • Housing and general care of Zebrafish (feeding, health monitoring, system maintenance)
  • Propagation of wild-type Zebrafish stocks for embryo production
  • Training in Zebrafish handling and husbandry
  • Assistance with Zebrafish protocol planning and preparation
  • Shipping and receiving live Zebrafish


  • 3000 tank Aquatic Habitats recirculating water system (1, 5, 10L tanks), including nursery area
  • 2 stand-alone isolation/quarantine units
  • 4 Labconco steam scrubber dishwashers
  • 4 Narishige microinjectors
  • 4 Leica steromicroscopes
  • 1 Vevo800 high-frequency ultrasound machine
  • 2 Variable temperature incubators
  • 4 Vibration-stabilized microinjection stations
  • 3 YSI 5200 water quality monitors
  • 3 PT4 TGP monitors

Access and Use

ALL users must:

  • Be listed on an IACUC-approved animal protocol (for Zebrafish)
  • Under go training on BIDMC Core Facility rules and standard operations prior to gaining card access
  • Perform BIDMC ARF and CITI Training as appropriate to Zebrafish use
  • Have BIDMC Health Clearances to work with animals
  • Work humanely with experimental Zebrafish lines, following IACUC approved standard procedures for housing densities and tank maintenance (see SOPs)
  • Participate in weekend/holiday feeding coverage rotation

Fee Structure

  • BIDMC Internal Rate: $175.00 per rack monthly
  • External Academic: $200.00 per rack monthly

Nursery/Quarantine fee: $200.00 per facility use, monthly
Wild Type Maintenance Fee: $200.00 per facility use, monthly
Technician Fee*: $30.00 flat fee monthly (*waived if facility provided technical support)


Denise Glass, Associate Director, Animal Research Facility
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
330 Brookline Avenue, Slosberg-Landay Building
Boston, MA. 02215
Office: 617-667-4402

Core Coordinator
Tyler Mourey
Tel: 617-667-8943
Email Tyler Mourey