X-ray Crystallography Core

Core Summary

The X-ray Crystallography Facility located at 99 Brookline Ave. (Research North) was recently established as a core to serve the needs of investigators in the BIDMC and Harvard Medical School community interested in using structural biology as a tool in their research.

The laboratory houses instrumentation consisting of :

  • Micromax 007 X-ray generator
  • R-Axis HTC detector
  • Osmic VariMax HF confocal optics
  • X-Stream 2000 cryogenic device for data collection at 100K
  • A Peak Scientific nitrogen generator
  • Two Olympus microscopes are available for inspecting and photographing crystal trays
  • Two incubators (4ºC - 25ºC) are available for crystallization experiments
  • A Leica Z6 Stereo Microscope with polarizer
  • A Spot Flex 15.2 64 Mp Shifting Pixel Digital Camera
  • TTPLabtech Mosquito nanolitre crystallization robot

Supporting computing facilities include several Linux PCs which can be used for data acquisition, analysis and processing.


  • Guidance on expression, purification and crystallization of macromolecules for X-ray crystal structure analysis
  • Characterization of crystals
  • Collection of X-ray data at ambient temperature and 100K
  • Optimization of cryo conditions
  • Data analysis and processing
  • Data collection using synchrotron radiation
  • Advice on phasing strategies including molecular replacement and multiwavelength methods

Workshops and Courses

2017 Bioanalytics Meeting and Workshop

Personnel /Contact Information

Gabriel Birrane, PhD
Phone: 617- 667- 0025
Fax: 617- 975- 5243
Email: Dr. Gabriel Birrane