REDCap: Data Management and Survey Tool

Using REDCap's stream-lined process for rapidly developing projects, you may create and design databases and surveys using:

  • Online Designer and/or
  • Offline method of constructing a "data dictionary" file in Microsoft Excel and uploading it to REDCap

REDCap provides user-friendly web-based case report forms, real-time data entry validation (e.g. for data types and range checks), audit trails, and the ability to set up a calendar to schedule and track critical study events such as blood-draws, participant visits, etc. Also, designated users can assign different levels of access for each member of the research team.

REDCap also provides a powerful tool for creating and managing surveys in your web browser. Collect anonymous responses or track and identify responses from survey participants by:

  • sending a link to your survey via email
  • entering data manually, and/or
  • posting a link on your website

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Advantages of REDCap:

  • Secure and web-based. Input data from anywhere in the world with secure web authentication, data logging, and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.
  • Fast and flexible. Conception to production-level database in less than one day.
  • Multi-site access. Projects can be used by researchers from multiple sites and institutions.
  • Fully customizable. You are in total control of shaping your database or survey.
  • Advanced question features. Auto-validation, branching logic, and stop actions.
  • Mid-study modifications. You may modify the database or survey at any time during the study.
  • Data import functions. Data may be imported from external data sources to begin a study or to provide mid-study data uploads.
  • Data comparison functions. Double data entry / Blinded data entry.
  • Export survey results to common data analysis packages. Export your data to Microsoft Excel, SAS, STATA, R, or SPSS for analysis.
  • Save your survey or forms as PDFs. Generate a PDF version for printing in order to collect responses offline.