1. How much training is required to use and design EDC tools in REDCap?

Minimal training is needed to begin using REDCap. Development support is available in the form of:

  • Online tutorials and videos
  • Periodic trainings and refined user guide provided by Harvard Catalyst EDC support staff
  • Contact with Harvard Catalyst EDC support staff regarding your issues or questions

2. How much experience with programming, networking, and/or database construction is required to use and design EDC tools in REDCap?

No programming, networking, or database experience is needed to use REDCap. Simple design interfaces within REDCap handle all of these details automatically. Simply point and click to design your EDC tool(s).

3. How do I access the collected data for advanced analysis at various points during the study?

Data from your study can be easily exported into Microsoft Excel and analysis packages such as SPSS, SAS, R, and STATA.

4. Can I still maintain a paper trail for my study, even if I use REDCap?

All surveys and forms can be downloaded as a universal PDF file to be printed and filed. Please contact us with any questions, comments, or suggestions.