Procedures for Obtaining Microscopy Service Work, Training and Equipment Use

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1. First time users schedule an initial meeting of the P.I., future users and core staff.

During this meeting, the project and experimental details will be discussed. Core staff could suggest which microscopy modality works best for the project as well as consultation on strategies to accomplish the imaging task. Users have the option of choosing service work or independent use.
Service Work
Core staff provides technical assistance and support to acquire images for the users. This service is most suited for users that only use the microscope infrequently and prefer hands-on assistance and support for their image acquisition.
Independent Use
All users who wish to use the microscope independently are required to receive a formal training from the core staff first. Upon completion of the training session, users will be permitted to operate the microscope independently as well as given User ID and password to make reservation on the online calendar. Links to the online calendars can be found on the Reservations page.

2. Schedule a service work session or a customized microscope training session with one of the core staff members.


Below please find links to our microscope policies.

How to Acknowledge

To ensure continued support from NIH and our hospital, we request that you acknowledge our core facility if we have made contribution to your publication. In your acknowledgement, please reference us as the Confocal Imaging Core Facility at BIDMC. If you are an HDDC member, please cite the center grant imaging core B, DK-034854, on all publications.

If your work was done using the live-cell confocal system, please cite the shared instrument grant (SIG) # S10-RR017927.

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