The Confocal Core provides a full range of technical assistance, training, mentored sessions and service work on the following equipment and services.

Microscopy Services

  • Zeiss LSM510 meta upright confocal system
  • Zeiss LSM510 meta live-cell confocal system
  • Zeiss AxioImager M1 epifluorescence and brightfield microscope.

Immunostaining (frozen and paraffin embedded tissues)

  • Immunofluorescence staining
  • Immunoperoxidase staining

Image Processing (Volocity software)

  • Quantification
  • Visualization

Collaboration with Histology & Electron Microscopy Core

The Confocal Imaging Core Facility works closely with the Histology and Electron Microscopy Core. The Histology Core provides services in routine paraffin, frozen sectioning, and staining. The Electron Microscopy Core provides service, technical assistance and instrumentation for electron microscopy techniques.

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