Zeiss LSM 510 Inverted Live-Cell Confocal SystemSpecifications: 

This point scanning instrument is available for either fixed slides or live specimen with temperature and CO2/O2 and humidity control. Photoactivation (405 nm), FRAP and FRET are fully supported. A Meta detector allows for spectral imaging and online emission fingerprinting. An Eppendorf microinjection unit is attached to the system.

Zeiss Axiovert 200 microscope (inverted)

Objectives20x Zeiss Apochromat dry, 0.8 NA
40x Zeiss Apochromat W Korr, 1.2 NA, (UV) VIS IR
63X Zeiss Apochromat Oil, 1.4 NA, DIC, IR
100X Zeiss Apochromat Oil, 1.4 NA, DIC, IR

Fluorescence Filters
Cubes (for visual inspection only)

Laser Lines
(for scanning only)
405 nm: solid-state laser, 25 mW
458, 488 and 514 nm: Argon ion laser, 30 mW
543 nm: Helium-Neon laser, 1mW
633 nm: Helium-Neon laser, 15mW

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