BIDMC HomeLink Symptom Tracking App

Tracking Your Symptoms and Vitals

Use BIDMC HomeLink to track symptoms and vital signs to share with your doctor and health care team.

We've made it simpler than ever for you to share your symptoms and vital signs with your doctor when you monitor them at home.

Download the BIDMC HomeLink App for iPhone on the Apple App Store and log in with your PatientSite username and password. A personalized care plan will be created for you by your BIDMC physician or health care team.

Each day, the BIDMC HomeLink App will show a list of tasks for you to stay on track with your health. These tasks may include monitoring vital signs like blood pressure, heart rate, or oxygen concentration. Your doctor may also ask you to record and track symptoms that are relevant to your health.

The data you enter into the HomeLink App is visible in your electronic chart within BIDMC's Online Medical Record. When you call your doctor, have a virtual or in-person visit, the data will be easily available for your health care team to review.

Please remember: The data you enter will not be reviewed in real-time. If you are feeling unwell or having a medical emergency, you must call your doctor's office or 911.