Our New, State-of-the-Art Building

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center is at the forefront of innovation in health care – for the benefit of our patients, our communities and our region.

A Harvard Medical School-affiliated academic medical center in the Longwood Medical Area, BIDMC is a vital resource for specialty care and local community residents and is fully integrated with our network of community-based providers throughout eastern Massachusetts. As part of our mission to provide extraordinary care supported by world-class research and education, we are planning to build a new inpatient building to better serve our patients and better support our caregivers.

BIDMC's first new building in 20 years will reflect our non-profit mission, including excellence in clinical care; dedication to innovative research; training the next generation of medical and allied health professionals; and a continued commitment to our neighboring communities. The new inpatient building on BIDMC’s West Campus will be designed to enable BIDMC to adapt to meet the needs of our patients and communities in a rapidly changing health care environment.

With this new inpatient building, we are committed to:

  • Ensuring that our patients and families have access to modern, single-bedded, family-friendly rooms that facilitate healing and recovery
  • Designing spaces that can accommodate the sophisticated technology and team-based care needed to best support the increasingly acute, complex needs of our patients
  • Providing caregivers and staff with the tools and resources they need to deliver extraordinary care, including operating and procedure rooms sized to incorporate the latest technologies and imaging so that we can offer the most advanced, effective treatments available, with the benefit of innovative research and space to train the next generation of physicians and allied health professionals
  • Designing the building to be energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable, consistent with our commitment to a healthy community and the health benefits of environmental stewardship
  • Engaging our patients, staff and the broader community throughout building design and construction

Highlights of the New Building

The 10-story, approximately 345,000 square foot inpatient building will be locatedon BIDMC's West Campus, on a site bounded by Brookline Avenue, Francis Street, Pilgrim Road, and the Rosenberg Building.

The building site is adjacent to existing procedural, surgical, post-surgical, acute care, and inpatient rooms on BIDMC’s West Campus, which will support fully integrated clinical care for our patients. The new inpatient building will connect to the Rosenberg Building and the bridge to the Farr Building in multiple locations to facilitate access for patients, families and caregivers. The new building’s location will also facilitate the sharing of clinical support services with existing inpatient programs on the West Campus. This shared and efficient use of clinical support services will reduce construction costs and operating costs, consistent with BIDMC’s commitment to delivering high-quality, lower cost care. 


The new inpatient building will include:
  • Single-bedded, family-friendly patient rooms, including:
    • Up to 128 medical-surgical patient rooms, many of which will replace double-bedded rooms elsewhere on BIDMC’s West Campus
    • 30 intensive care unit (ICU) rooms that will help our caregivers support the complex medical needs of our most acute patients and their families
  • Leading-edge surgical suites large enough to accommodate the most advanced surgical procedures and intraoperative imaging technology and facilitate the training the next generation of clinicians
  • Diagnostic and procedural suites with state-of-the-art equipment that are designed for versatility to handle the most acute patient care needs
  • A medical helicopter landing pad – relocated from its current location on the roof of the adjacent Rosenberg Building — to support BIDMC’s important role as a major Level 1 Trauma Center for our region
  • An accessible, rooftop green space and healing garden for the benefit of patients, families and caregivers, consistent with our commitment to environmental stewardship
  • Conference space with technology that fosters the sharing of innovative scientific and medical knowledge, modern teaching methods, and multidisciplinary teamwork

Our Commitment to the Community

BIDMC is committed to open communication and collaboration with our patients and their families; BIDMC faculty, clinicians and staff; community groups; residents; neighboring institutions; and local, state and federal public officials and agencies throughout the building design, regulatory review and construction process. We welcome your input and encourage you to contact us at newbuilding@bidmc.harvard.edu.

Public Filings

Determination of Need

BIDMC will begin the state's Determination of Need (DoN) process for the new inpatient building project by filing an application with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health during the month of July 2018. The following notice of intent was published in the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald on July 6, 2018. This notice is intended to supersede the prior notice concerning this project published by BIDMC on May 4, 2018. The revised notice is being published to reflect a change in the estimated capital expenditure amount and that the Application will be filed by on behalf of BIDMC by CareGroup, its sole corporate member:


CareGroup, Inc., located at 109 Brookline Avenue, Suite 300, Boston, MA 02215 ("CareGroup") (the "Applicant") intends to file a Determination of Need application ("Application") with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health ("DPH") for a substantial capital expenditure by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Inc. ("BIDMC"). The project includes the construction of a new 10 story approximately 395,000 gross square feet (approximately 345,000 zoning square feet) inpatient clinical building at 111 Francis Street adjacent to the Rosenberg Building at One Deaconess Road on BIDMC's West Campus containing medical/surgical and intensive care unit inpatient beds, inpatient operating rooms, inpatient procedure rooms, ancillary clinical services and clinical support spaces ("Project"). The total value of the Project based on the total capital expenditure is estimated to be approximately $593,560,750. The Applicant does not anticipate any price or service impacts on the Applicant’s existing patient panel as a result of the Project. Any ten taxpayers of Massachusetts may register in connection with the intended Application or amendment within 30 days following the Application's Submission Date by contacting the Department of Public Health, Determination of Need Program, 250 Washington Street, 6th Floor, Boston, MA 02108.  [On April 13, 2018, DPH approved a Determination of Need application to allow for the formation of a new nonprofit health system through the incorporation of a new parent organization preliminarily referred to in the application as "NewCo" (Notice of Final Action DoN Application No. NEWCO-17082413-TO). The Applicant and BIDMC are each a party to the NewCo application and BIDMC would become a part of the new health system, which will be known as Beth Israel Lahey Health, if it is established.]

This public announcement concerning the Project supersedes the public announcement published in this newspaper on May 4, 2018.

Article 80

The City of Boston Article 80 Development Review Process to earn city approvals for the proposed New Inpatient Building project is currently underway. All Article 80 public filings associated with the project are available on the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) website: http://www.bostonplans.org/projects/development-projects/bidmc-new-inpatient-building.

Next Steps: On July 20 BIDMC will file an Institutional Master Plan Amendment (IMP Amendment) and Draft Project Impact Report (DPIR). Once filed, these documents will be available on the BPDA website (link above).

  • Public comment on this project should be submitted in writing on or before September 20, 2018 to: Katelyn Sullivan, Sr. Project Manager, BPDA, Boston City Hall, One City Hall Square, Boston, MA 0221 or Katelyn.Sullivan@Boston.Gov.
  • BIDMC will make a presentation on the proposed Project, the IMP Amendment and the DPIR at the July LMA Forum.

July LMA Forum

Date/Time: July 23, 6:30 to 7:30 PM

Location: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center – East Campus, Shapiro Clinical Center, Leventhal Conference Room, (2nd floor), 364 Brookline Avenue, Boston, MA

Directions to Room: Visitors should enter BIDMC through the entrance of the Shapiro Clinical Center at 364 Brookline Ave, near the intersection of Brookline and Longwood Avenues.

To access the room using an elevator: The elevators are in the lobby to the right of the information desk. Take the elevator to the second floor. When exiting the elevator, turn to face the front of the building (along Brookline Avenue) and take a right. Once you leave the elevator lobby, you will see the entrance to the Leventhal Conference Room in front of you across the hall.

To access the room using the stairs: Walk straight past the information desk and there will be a set of stairs on your left. Walk up the stairs to the second floor and turn right. Follow the hallway around the stairwell. On your right will be the entrance to the Leventhal Conference Room.

Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act

BIDMC filed an Environmental Notification Form (ENF), which was published by the Secretary of Energy & Environmental Affairs in the Environmental Monitor on March 7, 2018. The Secretary's Certificate was received April 6, 2018.


This webpage will be updated as we move forward in the building design, regulatory review and construction processes.