Selected Seminar Topics

Historical Issues in Medical Education

  • To discuss the history and major movements within American medical education over the past century
  • To consider current challenges facing us today

Adult Learning Theory and its Application to Clinical Teaching

  • To discuss the major assumptions underlying adult learning theories
  • To reflect on how each of us learns best

Fundamentals of Medical Education Research I & II

  • To provide an overview of education research principles and concepts
  • To explore quantitative and qualitative research methods that may be used to evaluate outcomes in medical education

Best Clinical Teaching Practices

  • To delineate best practices of clinical teaching

Curriculum Development in Medical Education

  • To use a case-based discussion to review the six steps of curriculum development

Effective Questionnaire/Survey Design

  • Introduction to the IRB process for Medical Education Research

Frameworks for Trainee Assessment

  • To become familiar with and apply common frameworks used to assess trainees’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes

Providing Effective Feedback

  • To distinguish between formative and summative assessment
  • To identify sources of evaluative information
  • To recognize elements of effective feedback