Resources and Support

07_Celiac_1140-300x200 ODICA helps cultivate a workplace that welcomes all cultures, languages and lifestyles. We support our trainees and faculty with the following initiatives:
  • Sponsoring Boston-based leadership development opportunities for multicultural professionals
  • Offering competitive research grants that support junior, multicultural physicians
  • Designing online and in-person trainings for topics such as unconscious bias and healthcare equity
  • Hosting annual distinguished lectures on topics such as diversity and inclusion
  • Organizing networking and social events
  • Formalizing trainee support and career advancement groups
  • Offering mentoring opportunities for medical students and medical school-bound college students
  • Sponsoring students from historically black medical schools for specialty rotations, sub-internships and summer research programs
  • Participating in LGBTQ health education sessions and citywide PRIDE events
  • Joining forces with the BIDMC's Academic Careers and Faculty Development team to sponsor diversity initiatives
  • Collaborating with Harvard Medical School’s Office for Diversity Inclusion and Community Partnership