About the Residency Course

MDIBL PGY-2 ResidentsMount Desert Island Biological Laboratory (MDIBL) is a non-profit marine biology lab in Maine where permanent and visiting scientists and students study marine and non-marine organisms to learn about the basic biology of life.

Four PGY-2 residents are selected each year to receive a scholarship to attend a weeklong course in comparative clinically focused physiology, which covers topics including cardiac augmentation, water balance, chloride secretion, biliary function, vascular tone, and hematology.

About the Course

This one-week intensive course for surgical and medical residents at BIDMC is designed to engender an understanding of and appreciation for major physiological mechanisms. The course provide residents with an opportunity to conduct hands-on research using invertebrates and fish.

Working in teams they generate, interpret, and present data relevant to the hematologic and cardiovascular systems, as well as water homeostasis and salt secretion. Using a comparative approach, participants gain an understanding of fundamental physiological processes that are common to humans. The course also allows time for exploring the Maine coastline, including nearby Acadia National Park.