Mission Statement


To foster an innovative environment in the department of surgery that promotes clinically-oriented problem solving, develops surgeon-innovators and forges collaborations.

Program Description


The Harvard Surgical Program in Innovation (SPIN) provides the opportunity to develop the skills required to become a surgeon-innovator. Through a series of workshops, the Harvard SPIN program exposes participants to the innovative process and teaches enabling technologies that facilitate innovation. Throughout the program, we aim to promote collaboration by creating a local community that brings clinicians, engineers, and scientists together to work towards the common mission of improving patient care.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain an understanding of the innovation process, with a focus on solving clinically-relevant challenges
  • Develop a framework for innovative problem solving
  • Learn the fundamentals of rapid prototyping (computer-aided design and 3-D printing) and electrical systems (circuits, sensors, and microprocessors) through hands-on workshops
  • Understand the elements of creating a business plan and gain experience in pitching ideas to expert judges
  • Develop techniques for identifying and forging meaningful collaboration

Eligibility Criteria

Harvard SPIN is open to all surgical residents within the BIDMC Department of Surgery regardless of expertise, clinical interest, or prior exposure to the innovation process. 

With regards to commitment, prior to each workshop there will be video-based tutorials and reading distributed in order to maximize allotted time for hands-on learning. All participants will be expected to engage in scheduled events and compete in a team-based Pitch Finale.

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