Interventional Radiology Independent Residency Salary and Benefits

Salary and Benefits Overview

BIDMC Graduate Medical Education Salary Information

Salary 2023-2024
Housestaff PGY1 $76,680
Housestaff PGY2 $80,968
Housestaff PGY3 $84,438
Housestaff PGY4 $88,717
Housestaff PGY5 $93,228
Housestaff PGY6 $95,310
Housestaff PGY7 $101,210
Chief Resident Determined by department

*Salaries cap at PGY7, except for Chief Residents

Additional benefits include:

  • Health and malpractice insurance
  • Discounted parking
  • Personalized white coats

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