MMHC Clinical Psychology Internship Tracks

Our Clinical Psychology Internship Tracks

The program aims to develop reliable competencies in evaluation and treatment planning, psychotherapy, psychodiagnostic testing, and neuropsychological testing through supervised clinical experience, seminars, and relevant readings. This training requires a substantial time commitment to the core curriculum for psychology interns in the Psychology Department. Interns are matched to participate in one of three tracks (note: Applicants are welcome to apply to and rank as many tracks as they would like).

  1. General Track: The Rapid Access to Flexible Treatment (RAFT) Program offers intensive individual and group treatment to DMH eligible patients. It has two tracks: 1) The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy team, treats primarily patients with severe and persistent mental illness; 2) The Dialectical Behavior Therapy team, is an intensive DBT program, which serves mainly patients with borderline personality disorder and other severe personality disorders. Some groups are common across both teams. Interns participate for six months on each team.
  2. PREP/ Early Psychosis Track: Full year participation in the Prevention and Recovery in Early Psychosis program, which specializes in working with young people (ages 16-30) who have recently developed a psychotic disorder. PREP is an intensive outpatient program that includes specialized individual and family treatment of early psychosis as well as a 2-afternoon-per week group program.
  3. Neuropsychology Track: Full year participation in the Neuropsychology Service at MMHC and at the BIDMC Outpatient Psychiatry Service. Intern performs evaluations of both psychiatric patients and the general population, including questions of dementia, ADHD, LD, and other neuropsychiatric disorders.

Within each clinical placement, the intern works on a multidisciplinary team and is responsible for providing individual therapy, both short-term and long-term; family interviewing and family therapy; group therapy; intake evaluation; crisis intervention; case administration; and consultation with community agencies.

Core Placements

In addition to the specialty tracks, all interns participate in several core placements, which include:

  1. The Outpatient Service is the Department of Mental Health outpatient service for approximately 1,000 patients. These patients have been deemed eligible for DMH services, usually signifying a diagnosis of major mental illness, considerable functional impairment, and no means to obtain treatment in the private sector. This service includes specialized DBT and problematic sexual behavior outpatient teams.
  2. The Southard Clinic is a small outpatient clinic, which is staffed entirely by trainees. It offers outpatient psychotherapy at a low cost to community members and students at local colleges and universities. Patients are referred from diverse sources including college counseling centers, community health centers, and practitioners in the community. Southard patients are expected to need no rehabilitation, nor other services beyond psychotherapy and psychopharmacology.