Activity Advisor Description


  • Drug Monograph
  • MUE
  • Abx subcommittee minutes
  • Drug information (Clinical Pearl BLAM)
  • CE prep and presentation
  • Guideline development
  • P&T presentation

Christopher McCoy

  • Develop and present a drug monograph for formulary consideration
  • Develop and complete a MUE
  • Take and prepare a minutes report
  • Provide oral and written drug information in a variety of settings
  • Research and write drug information responses to question (may be assigned or from clinical rotations/ staffing/other)
  • Select an Infectious Diseases related topic for continuing staff education (CE)
  • Prepare learning objectives and submit to MA board
  • Design and deliver a PowerPoint presentation to pharmacy staff
  • Select a guideline in Infectious Diseases practice for local adaptation
  • Design methods for guideline implementation and education
  • Research, draft and present the guideline to the Antimicrobial Subcommittee and P&T Committee


Christopher McCoy, PharmD

  • Complete CITI
  • Complete IRB application
  • Identify a patient population, screening method, and data collection tool
  • Perform a data analysis
  • Design and execute an original pharmacy related research project, prepare abstracts and present findings at an ID Meeting
  • Submit findings to the Antibiotic Subcommittee with recommendations for change

Public Health

Christopher McCoy, PharmD

  • Develop a patient teaching tool around a Public Health issue in Infectious Diseases
  • Participate in a community service program in Infectious Diseases

Program Improvement and Quarterly Assessments

Christopher McCoy, PharmD

  • Review accreditation reports and recommendations
  • Review outgoing resident feedback
  • Design an improvement plan for the residency
  • Assess resources available for practice training

Clinical Decision Support Evaluation

Christopher McCoy, PharmD

  • Review a clinical decision support tool for effectiveness and ease of use
  • Validate data entry for a clinical decision support tool

Systematic Adverse Drug Event Identification

May Adra

  • Identify an Antimicrobial related institutional or systematic problem
  • Draft a report on the scope
  • Develop a solution plan

Wellness Fair Participation

Christopher McCoy

  • Participate in a patient centered wellness fair related to Infectious Diseases

Journal Article Peer Review


  • Perform a peer review for an Infectious Diseases draft for a peer reviewed journal