Drug Information

Each resident will participate in several venues to provide drug information, which include but are not limited to Drug Information Questions, Development/update of PPGD, P & T Committee Formulary Reviews and other drug information activities, etc. The goal of these activities is to provide the resident with experience in the provision of pertinent drug information in a number of venues.

Facilitator/Preceptor Activities at MCPHS

Each resident will serve as a MCPHS University instructor in PPB 551, Pharmacotherapeutics Seminar, during the fall and spring semester. The course requires the resident to be at the University for approximately three hours per week. The goal of this experience is for the resident to gain experience in problem based learning techniques and small classroom facilitation. The resident will facilitate a weekly case based discussion with fifth year PharmD students to assist in the students’ development of professional problem solving skills. During each class, the resident will be expected to encourage an open forum for discussion to help enhance the students’ ability to communicate and to help them develop life-long learning skills.

Medication Safety/ Quality Assurance

Each resident will work with Safety coordinator on related activities throughout the residency year

MUE/ Research Project

Each resident is responsible for the completion of residency project. The project may be in the form of original research, a problem-solving exercise, or development, enhancement or evaluation of some aspect of pharmacy operations or patient care services. As a component of the project, the resident will submit the project as a work in progress for poster presentation at the ASHP Midyear Meeting. Each resident will complete a project report using an accepted manuscript style suitable for publication in the professional literature.

Pharmacy Management/Leadership Activities

A number of activities and opportunities for leadership development will be scheduled throughout the residency year to foster an understanding of leadership within the department of pharmacy, within the profession of pharmacy and within the field of healthcare.

Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee

During the residency year, each resident will participate in a minimum of two P&T Committee meetings where he/she will: Take minutes at meetings and summarize ; Develop and present a drug monograph/ guideline for formulary consideration; Develop and complete a MUE; Contribute to hospital drug information communications

Resident Report

Each resident will participate in the weekly Resident Report where the focus will be to develop oral and written skills through a variety of clinical skills activities such as: case presentations, journal clubs, problem based learning activities and others

Service (staffing) Responsibilities

Each resident is required to complete a pharmacy service component of the residency program. Often referred to as "staffing," the service component of the residency is crucial to the development of professional practice and distribution skills so as to provide safe and effective pharmaceutical care. Residents will gain insight into the operations, policies and procedures of an acute-care facility.

Teaching Certificate Program

Each resident will participate in the Residency Teaching Certificate Program (RTCP) at MCPHS University. The RTCP will provide residents with a foundation of core educational principles presented in live and online didactic modules. Mentored by an academic faculty preceptor, the resident will also gain practical teaching experience in a variety of educational settings (large/small classroom, clerkship, laboratory, or seminar). Residents will also develop, with the assistance of their faculty mentor, a formative teaching portfolio that will document their progress and enhance the learning experience.