BIDMC is often referred to as “Harvard with a heart.” That is, all the strengths of a Harvard teaching hospital within a caring, supportive environment. In the pathology department, we are proud of our tight-knit community. Both trainees and faculty have a willingness to teach each other and pitch in when help is needed. Such an environment facilitates learning and achievement.

From the start of anatomic pathology training, rather than “throwing residents into the fire”, we provide a month long period where residents are taught in a step wise fashion the fundamentals and intricacies of grossing, dictation, autopsy techniques, and frozen section analysis. This critical time allows residents to develop optimal practices that will serve them throughout their careers. In both AP and CP, seniors assist junior residents as they acclimate to new rotations and taking call while our faculty is available 24 hours a day to assist with clinical questions. We also provide a generous book and travel fund to support trainee education.