Selective Pathology Fellows may have the opportunity to spend two to three months as an elective period, either to focus on a particular area of surgical pathology or to spend the time on a research project.

The fellows will be encouraged to participate in clinical and basic science research during the year. The goals of such projects are to have the fellows critically review the literature on a particular topic, to increase their understanding of a technique, procedure or pathologic condition, and perhaps to contribute to the advancement of our knowledge of the etiology and pathogenesis of various diseases.

The fellows will be encouraged to serve as laboratory instructors in the Pathology courses for first and second year students at Harvard Medical School. The fellows will also be actively involved in the teaching of medical student clerks, trainees, and visiting observers from other specialties or Institutions who are rotating in our department.

Evaluation of the Fellows and the program

The fellows will be evaluated twice yearly. A summary of the reviews will be prepared by the program director, after which he will meet twice yearly with the individual fellows to review the evaluations. All evaluations are signed and kept on file.

The Selective Pathology Fellows will be asked to complete an evaluation form of the Fellowship Program.

The major purposes of the evaluations are to monitor the progress of the fellows, to develop strategies to overcome any deficiencies in individual performance, and to evaluate and strengthen the Fellowship program.


The fellows will be supervised by members of the professional staff. The staff will be able to offer continuing feedback on performance during the course of the year and during elective rotations.