Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center’s one-year ACGME-accredited Surgical Pathology Fellowship Program offers an excellent opportunity to broaden your general surgical pathology knowledge from a large amount of pathologic material with emphasis on Breast, Gastrointestinal, Gynecological, Genitourinary, Head and Neck, Pulmonary and Soft tissue pathology (neoplastic and non-neoplastic). The Division of Anatomic Pathology at BIDMC processes over 50,000 in house surgical specimens annually and additionally receives a diverse pool of consultative cases. The fellow rotation schedule will include participation in the sign-out of consultation cases, supervised sign-out of in house cases with residents, presentation at tumor board conferences and participation of our weekly surgical pathology unknown slide conference. The fellowship features graduated responsibility and involvement in patient care and resident education.

Specific duties

1. Daily work up and sign out all outside consult cases in the following subspecialties: Gynecological, Genitourinary, Head and Neck, Pulmonary and Soft tissue pathology (neoplastic and non-neoplastic). These include consult cases from affiliated hospitals BID-Needham, BID-Milton, BID-Plymouth as well as any outside pathology from patients coming to BIDMC for treatment.

2. Supervised sign out of in house cases with residents (1 day per week). The supervised sign out can be in any subspecialty service (including GI and Breast).

3. Frozen section supervised sign out (1 day per week).

4. Presentations at BIDMC Surgical Pathology Unknown Conference (at least 2 cases per month), BIDMC GU tumor board (Thursday afternoon) and other conferences (in Jeopardy schedule).

5. Teaching of gross examination to residents as needed. The surgical pathology fellow may be the primary point of contact for residents with grossing questions of difficult GYN, GU, Soft tissue and mixed cases. It is also encouraged that the fellow review the gross specimens with residents of cases that he/she will be doing supervised sign out with residents.

For application materials and information, please contact:

Program coordinator
Joan Allin
Phone: (617) 667-7284