About Our Selective Pathology Breast Fellowship

The Selective Pathology Breast Fellow will be responsible for preparing approximately 900 breast pathology cases sent in consultation. The majority of these cases are sent by pathologists for the expert opinion of Drs. Collins or Connolly. As such, these cases are challenging and unusual, and provide the breast fellow with a unique opportunity for concentrated experience in breast pathology. In addition, in order to gain greater experience handling more routine breast cases and to develop teaching skills, the fellow will preview all in-house cases on Fridays with the assigned resident, in the role of the attending. These cases will be co-signed by the attending on for the week, with opportunity for review of cases together as needed.

The Selective Pathology Breast Fellow will also be the coordinator for occasional in-house consultations from residents and attendings. After previewing the case and review with the breast pathologist, the fellow will report back to the attending and resident the opinion of the breast pathologists.

In addition to reviewing and signing out a large volume of breast pathology cases, the Breast Fellow will have opportunities to pursue research projects. These projects may be of either a translational or basic science nature.

The Breast Fellow will be responsible for presentation of clinical cases at the breast multidisciplinary clinic, breast tumor board, radiologic-pathologic correlation conference and for presentation and discussion of cases at our own surgical slide conference.

Description of Assignments

  • Triage and preview of consult material prior to signout with breast pathologists.
  • Communication of results to referring pathologists.
  • Coordination of occasional in-house consultations. The fellow will ascertain from the resident or attending referring the case the questions regarding the case and present the material to the breast pathologists. Once a diagnosis has been rendered the fellow is responsible for communicating the results and any discussion/teaching points back to the resident/attending requesting the consultation.
  • Appropriate billing and coding for each case prior to submission for transcription.
  • Instruction to residents with questions regarding grossing and processing of breast specimens.
  • Orientation and instruction of trainees and visiting observers from other Institutions who are rotating on the breast pathology service.
  • Preparation, preview and presentation of cases for the aforementioned conferences and clinics.
  • Interpretation of ER/PR and HER2/neu immunohistochemistry results for all breast carcinoma cases with breast pathologists.
  • Opportunities for research with the Dana Farber Harvard Cancer Center Breast pathology Core Laboratory and the Dana Farber Harvard Cancer Center Breast SPORE.

For application materials and information, please contact the fellowship coordinator:

Completed applications should be received by August 31 of the year prior to fellowship training.