This National Institutes of Health funded training program is based in the Department of Pathology and the Center for Vascular Research at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. This training program includes two types of appointment. Short-term (3 months) training is offered to undergraduates who are interested in pursuing a career in basic sciences or medicine. Whereas these slots are generally filled during the summer, they can be used at anytime during the year. Postdoctoral training is offered in laboratories that focus on angiogenesis and inflammation as well as the closely related field of tumor invasion and metastasis. The scientific focuses and the expertise of the faculty of the training program are described in detail below. These training slots are available for one to three years and are subject to NIH pay back policies. Application to the training program can be made by sending a CV and three letters of reference to Dr. Jack Lawler, Department of Pathology, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, 99 Brookline Ave., RN 270C, Boston MA 02215, or by directly contacting a member of the training faculty. The training program encourages application from minority candidates.

Training Components and Oversight

An Executive Committee will provide overall direction for the program. The committee oversees: (1) the selection of trainees, (2) the selection of additional participating faculty (if indicated), (3) the overall training program, (4) the evaluation and approval of the trainee's individual research projects, (5) the evaluation of the progress of individual trainees in the program and (6) the evaluation of the training program.

The program of research will have four components:

  • Research training in a faculty member's laboratory
  • Participation in seminar series in vascular biology, immunology, and other research areas related to the trainee's research
  • Required participation in a program on the Practice of Scientific Investigation.
  • Participation in relevant graduate courses offered by Harvard Medical School or Harvard University (optional)