A Message from OB/GYN Residency Program Leadership

A Message from Our Leadership

Our residency program at Harvard Medical School is an integral component of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at BIDMC; every decision in the clinical, research, and surgical arenas has our residents' education and well-being in mind. Our department takes great pride in cultivating the next generation of obstetricians-gynecologists to become academicians, educators, clinicians, global health experts, community leaders, or researchers. With two elective blocks during training, our residents have the opportunity to individualize their education and take advantage of the extensive opportunities through our department, both domestically and internationally, in addition to the broader opportunities offered through Harvard Medical School. Our 24 residents are trained to be not only superb clinicians, but also empathetic professionals dedicated to providing compassionate care and individualized medicine.

Our clinical training is robust, with strong specialist and subspecialist divisions, including our own Research & Epidemiology Division and Community & Global Health Division. Our clinical volume speaks for itself. Our residents participate in all of our 5,300 deliveries. Our obstetrical transport service brings a wide array of complex maternal and fetal care to our tertiary care center, and our close relationship with top-ranked Boston Children's Hospital provides opportunities to care for complex maternal-fetal dyads. Our gynecological surgical services span an array of open, laparoscopic, and robotic surgery through our benign and minimally invasive gynecology, urogynecology, and gynecologic-oncology divisions. Our Carl J. Shapiro Simulation Center is a remarkable resource that is available to our residents day and night, not only to further one's surgical expertise, but also to provide simulation for less common scenarios such as maternal cardiac-arrest or eclampsia, operative assisted vaginal deliveries, shoulder dystocia, and multidisciplinary teamwork and communication. Our residents have formal teaching through the “Resident as Teacher” program and frequently are honored by Harvard medical students for best teaching practices.

Our residents are committed to diversity, patient advocacy, community, and global health. We have active representation on the leadership group of the Graduate Medical Education Diversity and Inclusion Council at BIDMC, in addition to our department's own Diversity, Inclusion and Advocacy Committee, which holds frequent events, discussions, and working group meetings. The residency offers unique opportunities to provide clinical care in the community through our network of community health centers, where residents can establish their own continuity clinic. Residents also have the option to complete a global health elective through the Botswana-Harvard Partnership with our affiliate, the Scottish Livingstone Hospital. This elective is supervised by one of our own obstetrician gynecologists who works full time at the Scottish Livingstone Hospital.

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at BIDMC is seeking resident applicants who choose to make a difference. We are not looking for one uniform type of individual, but rather are seeking those with passion and resiliency who are committed to providing humanistic care. Our training program prepares our residents to become leaders in their chosen roles. If you want to make a difference, become a superb clinician, and have the passion and grit to do so, we welcome you to join us.

Chi-Fong Wang, MD, Program Director
Huma Farid, MD, Associate Program Director