Advanced Training 

The fellowship offers two distinct tracks. During year one, the three fellows are indistinguishable from one another.

  • Two fellows will follow the three-year Traditional Research Track.  This Research Track is only available to US citizens and permanent residents due to funding restrictions.
  • One fellow will follow the two-year Clinical Track, which is open to all applicants.

General Program Structure

The first year for all fellows is typically devoted to fulfilling the ABIM and ACGME clinical training requirements. This clinical year is also known as the Longwood Area Training program, due to the collaboration with Harvard-affiliated hospitals in the Longwood Medical Area. It involves intensive inpatient and outpatient clinical rotations at the BIDMC, the Joslin Diabetes Center, Boston IVF and Boston Children's Hospital.

All trainees will follow a rigorous course of training, with close supervision by their mentors, supplemented by the many and varied scientific and educational resources available, not only within Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, but throughout the Longwood/Harvard Medical Area.

Traditional Research Track

The Traditional Track consists of one clinical year involving Inpatient and Outpatient rotations, followed by diverse second and third years of the program with continuity clinics, a broad array of lectures and conferences, and a major research experience in one of the laboratories at BIDMC, Joslin or a related lab in the area.

The second and third year of training in the Traditional Track will be devoted to a combination of laboratory and clinical investigation, including continuity clinics, a broad array of lectures and conferences and major research experience in one of the division laboratories or a related lab in the area. The research opportunities are numerous and varied, as they reflect the research interests of the Endocrine Division faculty.

Clinical Track

The Clinical Track consists of two clinical years with no traditional research project. In lieu of a research project, the fellow will do one to two large Quality Improvement projects, of their choosing. The second year of the track will be customized to the interests of the fellow but will include:

  • Advanced diabetes training, including pump management and CGMS;
  • Advanced thyroid ultrasonography and biopsy; and

  • Additional subspecialty clinics (e.g. lipid/repro/bone).

The Clinical Track Fellow's second year will be divided 50/50 between the BIDMC and the Joslin Diabetes Center.

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