Conferences and Seminars

Fellows attend regularly scheduled Cardiovascular Medicine conferences and participate in planning and producing these conferences. Please see below for a typical weekly schedule.


7:30 Electrophysiology Rounds 
8:00 Electrophysiology Didactic Session 
12:00 Advanced Non-invasive (Cardiac MR, Cardiac CT, Nuclear) Conference


7:00 Core Curriculum Lecture Series (daily during summer, then weekly) 
7:30 Electrophysiology Rounds 
8:00 Clinical Conference 
12:00 ECG Conference 
5:00 CMR Reading Session


7:00 Interventional Conference 
7:30 Electrophysiology Rounds 
8:00 Echocardiography Conference 
11:00 Zoll Firm Conference for fellows and house staff 
5:30 Nuclear Reading Session


7:00 Fellow Report 
8:00 Medical Grand Rounds 
12:00 Basic Research Seminars (Cardiovascular Research Seminar, Educational Seminar, Journal Club and Works In Progress) 
2:00 CMR Reading Session 
5:30 Nuclear Reading Session


7:30 Electrophysiology Rounds 
8:00 Cardiovascular Grand Rounds 
12:00 Cardiology Journal Club / Fellow Research Conference / Combined Multimodality Imaging Conference (alternating)

Summer Lecture Series

7:00 a.m. daily during July and August

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