About Our Resources and Opportunities

BIDMC has a rich history of commitment to openness and non-discrimination. Service to community is at the core and an important part of our mission; we have a covenant to care for the underserved and to work to change disparities in access to care. Today, we're proud to continue this legacy with a number of programs and initiatives aimed at fostering inclusion and diversity among our faculty, staff, trainees, and patients. Learn more about BIDMC's licensed and/or affiliated community health centers.

BIDMC has been great in terms of its commitment to community health, especially in informatics. The Center for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (CDEI) supports a lot of the work that I do."
Jorge Rodriguez, MD, Clinical Informatics Fellow

BIDMC's Center for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (CDEI) is led by Daniele Ölveczky, MD, to affirm our commitment to our diverse faculty, staff, and patient base. She also leads the the Department of Medicine as Diversity and Inclusion Officer, works closely with ODICA, and is a valuable resource for members of the Department.

Harvard Medical School's Office for Diversity, Inclusion & Community Partnership (DICP) offers special rotations for interested minority students. These rotations offer the opportunity to participate on the clinical service or to perform research electives. For more information about visiting clerkships, please contact the Visiting Clerkship Program and specify an interest in BIDMC.

BIDMC's Affiliated Community Health Centers offer opportunities for engagement with and service to communities across the Boston Area. This network serves Boston's vibrant demographic mix, including Latino, Haitian, Asian, Cape Verdean, and African-American populations. Through our partnership with Fenway Health, there are opportunities for those interested in LGBT care and HIV medicine. At our main Boston location, we also strive to provide culturally sensitive care for diverse populations through clinics like the Russian Cardiology Clinic and the Cardiology and Gastroenterology Clinics.

Institutional Advocacy and Annual Fundraising Events:

  • NARAL MA Chocolate Madness Charity Event
  • Boston Food Bank Charity Night
  • Dimock Steppin' Out Fundraiser Gala
  • Fenway Health Dinner Party
  • Boston Marathon and National Ovarian Cancer Coalition Run/Walk
  • Parenthood Advocacy Fund of Massachusetts Celebration of Choices