Resident Elective BIDMC-Botswana Program

Botswana PhotoVisiting residents come primarily from BIDMC and partner institution Oregon Health and Sciences University. They work at Scottish Livingstone Hospital (SLH) for four to six weeks. They primarily deliver inpatient care on a general medical service. Although many inpatients have HIV-related disorders, residents will encounter a wide range of inpatient conditions. Residents round with SLH medical officers, nurses, and Dr. Tomer Barak, the BIDMC-affiliated on-site internist. Residents also participate in outpatient HIV care delivery in a clinic that is part of the National Antiretroviral Treatment Program. In addition, they prepare teaching sessions for and participate in learning sessions from SLH medical staff of all levels. Residents are expected to work with local hospital staff on quality improvement programs to benefit SLH.  

Street Market BotswanaResidents live in Gaborone, the capital of Botswana, about 60 km from the hospital (45 minutes away). Most reside in an apartment complex maintained by the University of Pennsylvania, side-by-side with other expatriates. Gaborone is a modern and sophisticated city, and it is relatively easy to navigate. Weekly medical teaching conferences are available at Princess Marina Hospital, the principal teaching site of the University of Pennsylvania, close to the residence. Residents generally travel to and from SLH by car with Dr. Tomer Barak, BIDMC's full-time attending physician there. Administrative support for residents (e.g., medical licensure, visas, transport) is provided by staff of the BIDMC-Bostwana Program. 

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