2018 SAEM Presenters

Speaker/Moderator Presentation
Fritz, C. Pharmacologic Opioid Alternatives for Pain Control in Statewide Treatment Protocols
Fritz, C. Ketamine Indications in Statewide Treatment Protocols
Dubosh, N. Missed Serious Neurological Conditions in Emergency Department Patients Discharged With Nonspecific Diagnoses
Dubosh, N. Hawks vs Dove Phenomenon in Faculty Attending Evaluations of Emergency Medicine Residents
Ketterer, A. Emergency Physicians’ Experience with the Safe Handling of Firearms Encountered in the Workplace
Ganetsky, Michael Evaluation of Emergency Department Clinical Pathway for Management of Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome
Kim, Eugene Microbiological Culture Data Visualization Tool 
Gurley, Kiersten ‘Would You Have Done Something Differently?’ a Novel Marker to Identify Error in Emergency Medicine
Hall, Matthew A Novel Curriculum to Teach Bad News Delivery in the Emergency Department
Hall, Matthew Standard Video Interview Score Does Not Correlate With Medical Student Communication Skills
Hall, Matthew Teaching Strategies to Promote Healthcare Equity: Impacts of an Interdisciplinary Faculty Development Workshop
Lewis, Jason Participation in Emergency Medicine Bootcamp Improves Clinical Knowledge Lost During Fourth-Year
Lewis, Jason Standardized Video Interview Scores Do Not Correlate With Attending Evaluations 
Lewis, Jason Teaching High Value Care in the Face of Medical Uncertainty 
Lewis, Jason Do Morbidity and Mortality Presentations Alter Subsequent Error Rates in Emergency Medicine?
Leventhal, Evan Automated Import of External Laboratory Results into an Emergency Department Information System Reduces Repeat Lab Utilization
Stenson, Bryan Analysis of Patient Dispositions by Hour of Shift for Emergency Physicians
Friedman, Ari Likely Underused: Improving Diagnostic Tests in Emergency Medicine
Tyler, Patrick The Transcriptional Signature of Appendicitis
Tyler, Patrick Protein Biomarkers for Identifying Appendicitis and Assessing Risk of Complex Disease
Ilg, Annette Pigtail Catheter and Chest Tube Complications in the Emergency Department
Ilg, Annette Performance of the CURB-65 Score in Predicting Critical Care Interventions in Patients Admitted with Pneumonia
Joseph, Joshua The Effect of Emergency Physicians Working Concurrently on Individual Physician Throughput
Pascheles, Celine Implementation of an Emergency Department Observation Pathway for Patients With Mild Traumatic Intracranial Hemorrhage 
Bilello, Leslie Investigation of Electrocardiogram Interpretation Errors by Senior Emergency Medicine Residents
Pascheles, Celine Repeat Visits to ED in Patients With Syncope
Pascheles, Celine National Trends in Emergency Medicine Residency ECG Curriculum and Interpretation Practices
Pascheles, Celine Do Gender Differences Exist in Emergency Medicine Faculty Shift Evaluations of Emergency Medicine Residents?
Kannan, Vijay The Impact of Socioeconomic Status on Emergency Department Outcome in a Low-Income Country Setting
Chiu, David Implementation of a Throughput Nurse To Increase Emergency Department Space Utilization
Chiu, David Emergency Department Triage Pain Score is not Associated With Admission to Hospital 
Chiu, David Development of a Cost Calculator for Emergency Department Patient Visits
Chiu, David Insurance Status is Not Associated With Emergency Department Boarding
Burke, Laura Association Between Opioid Prescribing and Opioid Use Disorder and Overdose Among Opioid-Naïve Individuals
Burke, Laura Is Hospital Performance on Publicly-Reported Quality Measures Associated with Patient Outcomes?
Beals, Tyler Bedside Pelvic Ultrasound Decreases Length of Stay in the Emergency Department
Loporcaro, Christina Lack of Sedation Protocols for Intubated Patients During Transport in Statewide Treatment Protocols.
Dresser, Caleb Increased Staff Satisfaction Can Occur Independent of Other Quality Improvement Metrics
Naraghi, Leily Point-of-care Cardiopulmonary Ultrasound for the Diagnosis of Acute Decompensated Heart Failure: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Sommerville, Steven Description of Drug-Assisted Intubation in Statewide Treatment Protocols