The Role:

The Academic Junior Attending Year (Fourth Year) is an opportunity for graduates of the BIDMC HAEMR program to remain in the Emergency Department for a year after graduation, in a unique role that combines clinical responsibilities with further training in a specialized area of Academic or Administrative interest. This position is guaranteed for any graduating resident who wishes to take advantage of this program. Participants in the fourth year work clinically as junior attendings in the emergency department at BIDMC and our affiliated hospitals (average of 22 clinical hours per week), which provides an opportunity for growth and development as a new attending. At the same time, this limited clinical schedule allows for protected time which is used to complete an individual academic or administrative project of their choice. During this time, participants may also choose to complete a one year Master's in Public Health through the Harvard School of Public Health. On average, 25% of the graduating class chooses to stay on for this junior attending year.

The following projects have been completed by fourth year junior attendings:

  • Basic science research
  • MPH in statistics and epidemiology
  • Residency administration
  • Healthcare quality research
  • Postgraduate medical education
  • Sports medicine fellowship
  • Information technology fellowship 
  • International Emergency Medicine
  • Bedside ultrasonography
  • Simulation

Current Academic Junior Attendings from Class of 2018

Jamie Adler MD120x150Jamie Adler, MD

Dr. Jamie Adler attended medical school in her home town of Washington, DC at George Washington University School of Medicine prior to completing her residency at the Harvard Affiliated Emergency Medicine Residency at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in 2018. She is currently the 2018-2019 Quality Assurance and Improvement Fellow for the Department of Emergency Medicine at HMFP. Her clinical interests include orthopedic emergencies, quality improvement initiatives in traumatic and surgical emergencies, and advanced procedural skills education. As an attending physician, Dr. Adler divides her time between the emergency departments at BIDMC, BID Needham, and St Luke's Hospital.

Jared Anderson MD120x150Jared Anderson, MD

Dr. Jared Anderson attended Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine prior to completing his residency at HAEMR-BIDMC in 2018. For the 2018-2019 year, he is pursuing a fellowship in Clinical Operations. His interests include ED flow models and cognitive function in ER providers. As part of his fellowship year, he is also pursuing training in data analysis along with ED administration and leadership. He works clinically as an attending physician at BIDMC, St. Luke's Hospital, and BID-Needham.

Christie Fritz MD120x150Christie Fritz, MD

Christie Fritz, MD, MS, the 2018-2019 BIDMC EMS fellow, is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and Boston College as well as the Tufts University School of Medicine MS Program. While in residency, Dr. Fritz was selected and served as Chief Resident and also performed EMS related research, making presentations at more than ten national and regional conferences. Prior to medical school, she served as a firefighter/EMT-Intermediate on the Center Harbor, NH Fire Department, as well as an EMT performing critical care transfer services for Best Care Ambulance Service located in the Lakes Region of NH. During her fellowship, she will be an attending Emergency Medicine physician at BIDMC, BID-Needham, and St. Luke’s Hospital in New Bedford, MA. She will also be doing QA and operations work with multiple EMS agencies in and around Boston as well as Boston Med Flight. Dr. Fritz has interests in EMS including protocol development, innovation and implementation, education and patient and provider safety.

Patrick Hughes MD120x150Patrick Hughes, MD

Dr. Hughes attended the Medical College of Wisconsin prior to completing his emergency medicine residency at the BIDMC-HAEMR. He is spending his four year completing a fellowship in Emergency Cardiology. During this year-long fellowship, he is spending half of his time as an attending physician in the Emergency Department and the other half training with the first-year Cardiology fellows. Aspects of this fellowship include an intensive “Cardiology Bootcamp”, spending time in the Coronary Care Unit, learning about forms of mechanical circulatory support, and training with world-class echocardiography faculty. It is an opportunity for Dr. Hughes to develop expertise in Cardiology and to translate that to improved patient-care in the Emergency Department.

Nikhil Shankar MD120x150Nikhil Shankar, MD

Dr. Shankar completed medical school at Weill Cornell Medical College and then his residency at BIDMC. He works clinically in the emergency department at BIDMC and satellites. During his fourth year, he joined Laboratory for Computational Physiology at MIT and serves as an instructor for HST 953 Collaborative Data Science in Medicine, an MIT course bringing together clinicians and data scientists in the Boston area. His main research interest is utilizing large de-identified patient data sets to answer specific clinical queries.

Past Academic Junior Attendings