CA-2/PGY-3 Anesthesia Rotations

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The CA-2 rotations provide more in-depth subspecialty training in pediatric, vascular, cardiac, obstetrical, regional, ambulatory, neurosurgical and thoracic anesthesia, and pain management. CA-2's also spend 2 months in the ICU which is co-directed by anesthesia faculty. The pediatric anesthesia experience is a three month rotation to Boston Children's Hospital.

The second year rotation schedule includes the following rotations:

Rotation Duration
Cardiac Anesthesia One Month
Neuroanesthesia One Month
Obstetrical Anesthesia One Month
Pain Medicine One Month
Pediatrics (at Boston Children's Hospital) Three Months
Regional Anesthesia One Month
Critical Care Two Months
Thoracic Anesthesia One Month
Vascular Anesthesia One Month