About Our Elective Research Program

Our anesthesia residency program offers a truly unique research opportunity for residents. The Elective Research Program is a longitudinal program designed to introduce motivated residents to the principles and practice of clinical and translational research. At its core are two elements: a two-week series of intensive didactics aimed at teaching residents the basics of how to conduct successful clinical research and a longitudinal mentored research project. Topics covered in the Elective Research Program include study design, biostatics, novel research techniques, research ethics, and getting research approved.

The aim of the program is to help residents take solid preliminary ideas and turn them into robust and successful projects to be completed during CA-3 research elective time. Publication of results in peer-reviewed journals is an expected outcome for participants. Once residents self-identify as interested, the Program Director of Anesthesia Resident Research will assist them in finding appropriate mentorship from within our Department, Hospital, or the wider Harvard/MIT academic community. The cultivation of this mentorship relationship is a vital element of growth though the course and the research project. In conjunction with this research course, residents interested in research careers have the opportunity to work with Dr. Brian O'Gara, Director of Anesthesia Resident Research. Under his guidance, residents have the potential to apply for several T32 grants.

As part of the application process, the residents work with their mentor to complete a description of their research project. Residents from the Department of Anesthesia apply for the course during the CA-1 or early CA-2 year. Participants are chosen based on level of interest, academic performance, and quality of the proposal.

This exciting program is just one example of our Department's commitment to academic excellence and resident education. For additional information, contact Dr. Brian O'Gara, Director of Anesthesia Resident Research.