About Our Internship

The goal of our internship program is to impart comprehensive clinical skills and knowledge that will make our interns excellent clinical anesthesiologists as well as offer them early opportunities to foster professional mentorships within the department.

Applicants for our anesthesia residency program have the option of applying for one of our 12 categorical internship positions. Up to two of the categorical internship positions will be awarded to participants in the Clinician Scientist Track. Interns interact closely with anesthesia faculty during their anesthesia, intensive care and ultrasound/quality improvement rotations as well as during their newly added pain medicine rotation. Through these interactions, interns can start early on designing and realizing their career goals.

Interns spend a year rotating at BIDMC and at Mount Auburn Hospital two miles away in Cambridge, MA. At BIDMC, they will be exposed to the East and West Campuses as well as the Arnold-Warfield Pain Management Center. After completion of the internship, they are integrated into our residency program.


The internship year includes the following rotations:

Rotation Duration
Medicine Four Months
Surgery Two to Four Months***
Intensive Care Two Months
Emergency Department One Month
Anesthesia One Month
Pain Medicine* One Month
Ultrasound and Quality Improvement** One Month

*This rotation incorporates portions of the Pain Medicine fellowship curriculum regarding chronic pain in the inpatient setting as well as palliative care.

**Interns will complete a 13-day immersive ultrasound course that involves simulation, homemade models, live models and online modules. This course is followed by a one-week quality improvement experience.

Application Information

We select applicants for our internship positions during our residency application and selection process.