JBeach Jennifer Beach, MD

Instructor in Medicine

Assistant Medical Director, Healthcare Associates (HCA)

Dr. Jennifer Beach came to BIDMC in 2000 after graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine. After completing her internal medicine residency at BIDMC, Dr. Beach joined the faculty in Healthcare Associates (HCA). An excellent teacher, Dr. Beach soon became a Rabkin Fellow in Medical Education. She became a Suite Director in HCA in 2011, a role that has since transitioned to Assistant Medical Director. Dr. Beach is working as a Team Leader in the Harvard Center for Primary Care’s Academic Collaborative, transforming HCA into a Patient Centered Medical Home. She actively teaches and mentors students and residents.

Dr. Beach’s project focused on a multidisciplinary approach to track and improve the management of hypertension in HCA. Affecting approximately 30% of adult patients, hypertension is one of the most common chronic medical conditions in the US and in HCA. Blood pressure is easily measured with clearly defined goals and outcomes, but achieving those outcomes is often challenging. With a nurse performing a counseling visits, and with concrete algorithm for medication escalation, patients in the combined nurse/physician clinic had a greater improvement in systolic blood pressure (21 mm Hg vs 5 mm Hg) and diastolic blood pressure (10 mm Hg vs. 0 mm Hg) than patients receiving standard care (5 mm Hg). Dr. Beach created a hypertension registry in HCA, to standardize her co-management format across the practice, and to incorporate students, residents, and specialists into the project.

DBrockmeyer Diane Brockmeyer, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Medical Director, Hospital Anticoagulation Service

BIDCO Pod Leader, Healthcare Associates

Dr. Diane Brockmeyer, a graduate of the University of California, Davis School of Medicine, completed her primary care internal medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH). She became a faculty member in BWH’s onsite primary care practice, with a focus on education. She quickly rose to be named the Resident Clinic Coordinator, overseeing the outpatient primary care experience for the medicine residents. Diane came to BIDMC in 2004. The recipient of a Curtis Prout Fellowship in Medical Education at Harvard Medical School in 2004-2005, Diane developed a teaching skills curriculum for internists and surgeons. In 2005 Diane assumed the role of Resident Practice Director in HCA, an administrative and teaching leadership role similar to the role that she had held at BWH. In 2009, Diane began to shift her focus toward clinical leadership and became the BIDPO Pod leader for Healthcare Associates, focused on improving quality of care in the outpatient setting while controlling costs. Finally, in 2011, she became medical director of HCA’s anticoagulation service and has since expanded it into a hospital-wide service focusing on managing the complexity of chronically anti-coagulated patients across departments and practices.

Dr. Brockmeyer’s project sought to improve the safety, efficacy and communication about transitions in care for anticoagulated patients when they undergo procedures, specifically in gastroenterology. The goal is safer care, with fewer errors and near misses, and fewer cancelled outpatient procedures, for the cohort of patients. Due to the success of this pilot project, the program will be expanded Beth Israel Deaconess Milton Hospital GI procedures.

JFogg Jane Fogg, MD, MPH

Instructor in Medicine

Medical Director of Care Redesign, APG

Medical Director for Primary Care, BIDCO

Dr. Jane Fogg came to BIDMC as a primary care internal medicine resident in 1993, and she has not left the extended BIDMC family since. A graduate of the Columbia's School of Public Health and School of Medicine, Jane has been a leader and an innovator in primary care practice since completing her residency. In her initial position as a practicing physician at Dimock Community Health Center in Roxbury, Dr. Fogg quickly became the director of adult medicine, of residency training, and of the Diabetes Collaborative project there funded by the Bureau of the Health Professions. In 2004, Jane moved to BIDMC’s APG and founded a practice in Needham as their medical director. She became involved in BIDCO as a Pod Leader and served on the BIDPO board as well. In 2010 she assumed leadership roles in APG and BIDCO as the Medical Director of Care Redesign, and of Primary Care, respectively. She designed, implemented, and directed the first centralized urgent care facility for BIDMC community owned practices, called After Hours Care. Her current work focuses on primary care redesign and strategies to improve population health across the network.

Dr. Fogg’s project implemented practice redesign in four APG practices as well as develop metrics to evaluate success. She used a framework she developed in her own practice based on core values of continuous population health work flows, consistent availability and responsiveness to patients, and teamwork. She created a curriculum for medical assistants and practice nurses as they shift core work duties including population health pre-visit work flows and outreach protocols for patients in need. Focusing on practice culture and provider satisfaction in redesign, she wrote and conducted provider and staff surveys aimed at understanding the driving forces and dynamics in the change process. Her work continues at APG as the Practice Excellence Department with goals to spread her redesign framework across the organization.

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