Best of Bowdoin Newsletter May 2016

In this feature video by the Harvard Gazette, Bowdoin’s own OB/Gyn physician, Dr. Ebonie Woolcock, discusses her work toward addressing health inequities, and why she is so passionately invested in being a community health practitioner. Watch Video

Join the 2016 Farm to Family CSA Program

F2FTo kick off the growing season, Bowdoin Street Health Center and BIDMC are excited to once again partner with Ward’s Berry Farm, to offer a Farm to Family CSA program to employees and members of the BIDMC and MASCO communities.

Now entering its 6th year, the Farm to Family Program provides opportunities for staff to receive delicious, fresh produce, conveniently delivered to several campus locations, every week for 16 weeks. Additionally, staff can elect to sponsor subsidized farm boxes, making it possible for low-income families in Dorchester to gain access to high-quality healthy foods. Local farmers, like Ward’s, also benefit from this type of early investment in produce, as funding helps to support their startup costs for the season. See the options below to find out how you can be involved in this wonderful opportunity!


Wellness Center Update: Expanded Partnership with Sportsmen’s Tennis & Enrichment Center

SportsmenWhen Bowdoin Street Health Center and Sportsmen’s Tennis & Enrichment Center first launched a pediatric obesity pilot collaboration in 2011, it was evident that both organizations shared a fundamental goal: to provide community members with safe, accessible resources to engage in healthy living. Today, in the Smith Family Foundation Activity Room, Sportsmen’s tennis coach and Director of Community Outreach, Jelani Haynes, brings the tennis courts of Blue Hill Ave to the patients of Bowdoin. Collapsible nets, colorful court markers, and unique tennis balls made entirely of sponge bring a new indoor tennis world to life. Youth who have previously been hesitant to engage in a new sport are able to learn tennis basics and build up their self-esteem in a place they are familiar with, alongside their siblings and peers in specially-designed Wellness Center “Fit Kids” programs.


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