Best of Bowdoin Newsletter January 2016

Wellness Center Updates

Wellness Center UpdatesTwo of the Wellness Center’s original members reflect back on their first year of enrollment, and how they discovered an unexpected prescription for health.

Atanasio Rosa and Margaret Lowe smile as they look back through the Wellness Center design specs layed out in the original campaign portfolio. Standing in the Activity Room where they once moved conference room tables and chairs to be able to exercise, the feeling of coming full circle radiates as they remember their journeys over the past year.


A healthy recipe to help you start your new year off right!

A Healthy RecipeMake a New Year’s resolution to include breakfast in your daily routine. Breakfast fuels your body and mind for the day ahead. Make sure you include lean proteins, whole grains and fresh, frozen or canned fruits and vegetables. The combination means you are getting a little bit of all the things your body needs. This will keep you feeling full longer and help stave off those not-so-healthy-snack cravings.


My Life, My Health Program Offers Unique Approach to Chronic Disease Management

MyLife MyHealthPatients with chronic conditions now have an opportunity to engage in a new care model. With support from the Boston Public Health Commission and the Prevention and Wellness Trust Fund through the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, the health center has increased our care to help patients better manage hypertension, elder falls, and pediatric asthma.


Rebecca Shoaf Kozak, LICSW, provides integrated behavioral health services to patients during the time of their primary care visits.

Rebecca-Shoaf-KozakAlthough she has only been at the health center for a few short months, Rebecca Shoaf Kozak is eager to make an impact on patients struggling with urgent behavioral health needs. Her role as an integrated behavioral health clinician allows her to be available to counsel patients and address mental health-related concerns while patients are on-site for other visits; a practice Bowdoin has implemented to increase access for patients to receive the specific care that they need in a timely manner. With a great deal of past experience dealing with complex patient care needs, Shoaf Kozak understands the importance of being able to have this regular integration with primary care teams.


Babes in Toyland: Promoting Learning Through Play

Play GroupBowdoin Street’s youngest generation kicked off 2016 in style, with a lot of new toys!

In partnership with Thrive in 5 and the Family Nurturing Center, Bowdoin launched the first of many playgroups geared toward children ages newborn to 2.5. The groups offer a wide variety of services to engage children and their caregivers in active play, and highlight the importance of regular exposure to sensory-based activities. With an added goal of helping children develop school readiness skills at an early age, the groups are organized in a way which allows for a wide range of both structured and free play. Circle-time songs and infant massage workshops have been favorites!


Contact Information

Bowdoin Street Health Center
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
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Dorchester, MA 02122
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