Best of Bowdoin Newsletter December 2016

Best of Bowdoin Newsletter December 2016

Early Success of the Community Health Worker Pilot

CHW Photo-Maria Pinto EditThe Community Health Worker (CHW) Expansion Pilot Program, initially funded in December 2015, has continued to provide high-risk patients with accessible and integrated care services to better meet their needs. In conjunction with a nurse care manager, CHWs have worked to assist patients with a wide-range of services, including housing assistance, transportation, access to healthy foods, appointment reminders and coordination, social services, financial assistance, and general outreach and trust-building. Read more...

Garden Soxx Community Brunch

Garden Soxx EditA group of residents and patients met at Bowdoin Street Health Center in November to discuss their participation in our new Garden Soxx program, funded by the Krupp Family Foundation. GardenSoxx is a portable container gardening system that can be used in place of traditional gardening in neighborhoods like Bowdoin Geneva where garden space or desirable soil conditions are often limited. Read more...

Gift Card Drive 2016

Gift CardCaring for our Community
Bowdoin Street Health Center’s children and adults are important members of the BIDMC family. Caregivers from Bowdoin Street Health Center identify families in need and distribute gift cards donated by BIDMC staff members. Read more...

Donor's Circle

Donors CircleWe would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to Paul Weisman and his family for their gift to establish the Directors Innovation Fund at Bowdoin. This gift, and others to the Fund, will allow for the development of ground-breaking programs that will vastly improve care for our patients, and continue our efforts to address the most pressing needs in the Bowdoin/Geneva community. Read More...

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