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A Second Home

Robin MaxcyOver the course of 25 years, Robin Maxcy and her family came through the doors of BIDMC more than 150 times as her late father, Richard Maxcy, underwent treatments for congestive heart failure and other conditions. Throughout his many BIDMC hospitalizations, including three separate stays in the cardiac intensive care unit (ICU) during the last year of his life, he received extraordinary care—and the entire Maxcy family always received abundant comfort.

For grateful families like mine, this new building at BIDMC means life. It means hope. It means many more miracles.
Robin Maxcy

As Richard’s health challenges progressed, the Maxcy family spent more time at BIDMC. “My mom would often be at the hospital for 12 hours straight,” says Robin, who recalls how the doctors, nurses, and social workers would always find her and provide detailed updates. “They helped us through really hard conversations and anticipated all of our needs. His entire care team was exceptionally compassionate—not only toward my dad, but also toward my mom. BIDMC really became our second home.”

Robin fondly remembers the many times her father’s doctors would call the house to check on her father. “Even after he passed in 2016, they called to see if my mom was alright and if she needed anything,” says Robin. “The staff at BIDMC, they’re caring, kind souls. Over his two decades as a patient, they gave my dad extra life, extra time, extra breaths, extra moments with us as a family.”

Forever grateful to the medical center, Robin and her mother, Sue Maxcy, remain engaged with BIDMC. Through their volunteerism and support, they are committed to ensuring other patients and families have the same compassionate and caring experience they did. As a member of BIDMC’s Boston Marathon Team since 2013, Robin has raised more than $50,000 to support various initiatives across the medical center.

In April 2022, Robin will run her tenth Boston Marathon for BIDMC. Alongside her will be her niece, Shaylee Maxcy, who will be participating for the first time and also raising funds for the medical center. “Ever since she was 16 years old, she has been asking to run with me in honor of her late grandfather,” says Robin. Her tenth marathon with BIDMC will be an extraordinary milestone and is emblematic of Robin’s unwavering spirit of generosity, advocacy, and volunteerism for BIDMC—as well as in her professional life, as an executive at the American Heart Association.

For Sue Maxcy, giving back means playing an active role as a member of BIDMC’s Patient Family Advisory Council for the past five years. “It’s so important to my mom that she has been able to provide insights about her own BIDMC experience to help other patients and families,” says Robin. With construction underway for BIDMC’s state-of-the-art new inpatient building, which will feature spacious rooms, an entire floor of dedicated ICU space, and enhanced resources for families, Robin and Sue are thrilled for BIDMC’s future—and proud to have played a part in its design. “As part of the council, my mom shared her input in discussions about the building. It meant so much that the architects and designers took patient and family perspectives into account,” says Robin. “We are so pleased she can represent our family’s voice, and excited for all the advances that this new building will bring.”

For the entire Maxcy family—Robin, Sue, and now Shaylee—their support and volunteer efforts for BIDMC help them keep Richard’s spirit alive. “My dad always used to tell me, ‘you need to do something bigger than yourself.’ That’s what my mom, my niece, and I are doing,” says Robin. “And that’s what the hospital's doing by building this new facility with increased space and technology for even more patients, families, and loved ones to receive compassionate care.”

Donate here to support Robin and Shaylee Maxcy’s Boston Marathon runs in support of BIDMC.

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