Conquering Cancer

Grateful couple gives $1 million to support lifesaving physician

Marc Garnick, MDWhen James Gorman was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2008, he and his wife, Maureen Gorman, feared for his future. But his Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center care team, led by oncologist Marc Garnick, MD, and urologist William DeWolf, MD, quickly restored his sense of hope — and his health — with a successful surgery to remove James's bladder. "I am so thankful for Drs. Garnick and DeWolfe's phenomenal care and insight. They saved my life!" says James. To express their gratitude for Garnick's longstanding care, James and Maureen recently made a gift of $1 million to support the Community Care Cancer Fund. "Dr. Garnick is a highly respected, dedicated, and caring physician, and we are honored to support his community work," says Maureen.

The Community Care Cancer Fund was established by Garnick to provide non-medical assistance to patients with cancer who have limited means and for whom cancer treatment is enormously stressful — even more so than for average patients — due to high prescription drug, health care, and transportation costs. "Not everyone has health insurance or the ability to pay for the expenses that come along with cancer, so this work is very meaningful to us," says James. Through this fund, Garnick and his team are able to provide food assistance, transportation to medical visits, child care support, and help with home, rent, and car payments for patients undergoing treatment for cancer. And with the couple's support, Garnick has been able to expand this effort across nine institutions in the greater Boston area. "For under-resourced patients, the stress of cancer is compounded. The Gormans are innovative and dedicated philanthropists who recognize this tremendous problem," says Garnick. "Their critical support is enabling us to broaden our reach to serve more patients in need."

For more than a decade, Garnick has continued to monitor James's health — and in turn, the Gormans have been supporting his work. In recognition of his profound gratitude, James, along with his brothers Leon and Tom, endowed a prestigious professorship in 2013 for Garnick. Today, as the Gorman Brothers Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and BIDMC, Garnick remains James's oncologist. "He is keeping me going, and I am so thankful," says James. Adds Maureen: "We believe everybody suffering from cancer should have the same chance to get their life back as James did. Everyone deserves high quality care, no matter what."

Dr. Garnick is a marvelous physician, and we are honored to support his community work.
Maureen Gorman
Grateful Family