Extraordinary Giving

Tom and Midge DeSimone pave the way with $3.5 million gift

Tom and Midge DeSimoneWith their extraordinary support of $3.5 million to the Campus Transformation Fund, Tom and Midge DeSimone are leading the way in a comprehensive effort to redefine Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center’s campus and make it commensurate with the excellence of its clinicians, researchers, and staff. 

For more than 25 years, the DeSimones have been generous and passionate advocates for BIDMC. Having previously contributed to a multitude of programmatic efforts within the medical center, including the Department of Social Work, the Klarman Family Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and nephrology and prostate cancer research, Tom and Midge are committed to giving where the medical center needs it the most. Their support stems from their firm belief in helping others, and their desire to make a difference in the Boston community. For example, years ago, they received word that patients had come into the Emergency Department (ED) over the weekend in need of social work care. When they found out there was no social worker in the ED, the couple immediately funded an extra position to cover weekends. Says Tom: “Our thought process was: patients’ need for care doesn’t stop for the weekend, so we should try to help.”  

In addition to his family’s incredible philanthropy, Tom DeSimone lends his expertise, leadership, and time to the institution as chair of BIDMC’sTrustee Advisory Board. The partner at WS Development brings a wealth of experience from serving on the boards of various nonprofit organizations in Boston. Tom sees BIDMC Trustee Advisory Board members as having two primary roles: to serve as advocates for the medical center in the community and to volunteer their knowledge and their time to improve BIDMC. As chair, he engages the group in a variety of committees in order to ultimately enhance the medical center’s efficiency and prosperity. “Our committee system is truly vibrant and expansive,” says Tom. 

Others are taking notice: Tom’s desire to give back, keen business acumen, and energetic persona are contagious. “Tom leads by example, and his genuine commitment to BIDMC and generous financial support of the institution provide others with motivation to follow his lead,” says Trustee Advisory Board Vice Chair Pam Lesser. “He is a pleasure to work with, and is a wonderful model of professional experience, philanthropic giving, and leadership."  

“BIDMC is a remarkable place,” says Midge. “The medical center is doing tremendous research and education of our future doctors and staff, and these efforts start with the exceptional care experience provided to patients and families,” she says. Adds Tom: “Midge and I feel a strong responsibility to contribute where we can to help enhance the lives and the health of others, and we truly believe there is no place making a greater impact than BIDMC.”

Midge and I feel a strong responsibility to contribute where we can help enhance lives and the health of others.
Tom DeSimone
Chair, BIDMC Trustee Advisory Board