Mobile App for Referring Physicians

Refer2BIDMC Physician Referral App

A mobile app that allows community clinicians to easily refer patients to services within Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC)

refer_to_bidmc_logoRefer2BIDMC is a mobile application that facilitates the referral of patients to services within Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC), a Harvard Medical teaching hospital.

  • Designed for use by clinicians outside of the BIDMC system
  • Replaces the need for initial paper fax or phone calls, and has systems in place to ensure prompt response
  • Includes an urgent referral line for referrals needing same day attention

To use the application you must be a licensed clinician who can provide credentials to verify your licensure, or a designated clinician's assistant who sends referrals.

Once a clinician has been verified and enrolled in the system, they are able to send quick and simple referrals to BIDMC providers utilizing streamlined design. Clinicians will receive confirmation via the app, as well as an email that the referral request has been received. They will receive another email once the department has acknowledged receipt of the referral request.

Download Refer2BIDMC on your Mobile Device

If you need technical help, please contact and your inquiry will be addressed during business hours.