Asperger’s syndrome is one of a group of neurological disorders known as autism spectrum disorders. Asperger’s syndrome can affect your behavior, social interactions and use of language and communication.

Overview and Symptoms

People with Asperger’s syndrome exhibit three primary symptoms:

  • Difficulty with social interaction
  • Repetitive behavior
  • Obsessive thinking and a focus on rules and routines
Autism Spectrum Disorders

Autism spectrum disorder refers to a range of neurological and developmental disorders characterized by challenges with social skills, communication and how you learn. It is called a spectrum disorder because individuals with autism may have a wide range of challenges and strengths.


Every diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome and autism spectrum disorders is different. That’s why we apply the latest diagnostic evaluations, including laboratory tests, neuroimaging and behavioral testing to asses your individual needs and come to an accurate diagnosis.


There is no cure for Asperger’s syndrome or autism spectrum disorders. Our multidisciplinary team will work with you to create an individually tailored treatment plan with the goal of maximizing independence while improving overall quality of life. Staff clinicians work closely with experts in the fields of speech therapy, occupational therapy and vocational rehabilitation to make sure that you get the right services for your needs.

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The Cognitive Neurology Unit is a multispecialty clinic to evaluate and treat people who have difficulties in concentration, memory, perception, and language as well as emotional consequences from an injury or disease affecting the nervous system.

Cognitive Neurology


The Neuropsychology Assessment Center provides neuropsychological assessments that help identify neurocognitive strengths and relative weaknesses and to determine the most appropriate ways to succeed in school, work and daily living.

Neuropsychology Assessment