Anxiety disorders are a group of illnesses characterized by overwhelming worry and fear that interferes with leading a fulfilling life. While symptoms of anxiety disorders can be disabling, treatment helps many people successfully manage their symptoms.

Overview and Symptoms

Some of the more common symptoms of anxiety disorders include panic or fear, sleep problems, shortness of breath and heart palpitations. The terror caused by panic disorder, for example, is random and may mimic the symptoms of a heart attack. Another example is social phobia which causes extreme self-consciousness during every day social interactions.


If you have anxiety symptoms, and a medical cause has been ruled out, your physician may prescribe medication and/or psychotherapy to help you control or lesson your symptoms. Your physician may also suggest lifestyle changes, such as regular exercise as well as cutting down on alcohol and foods and drinks that are high in caffeine.


Our highly specialized team is committed to caring for those suffering from psychiatric illnesses. We strive to create new knowledge about the causes of these illnesses and to create new and more effective treatments for them through breakthrough research.

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