Keeping New Year's Resolutions

GettyImages-958919128_NYResolutions300x224By Linda Trainor, RN, BSN
Bariatric Nurse Coordinator

Are you aware that only 8 percent of the population keeps their New Year’s resolutions? And that most, if not all, of these resolutions are to lose weight?

If you are one of the 8 percent, please keep in mind that your good intentions and your heart’s desire to obtain the body that is just right for you do not necessarily go away after January.

Officially, you still have 11 months to keep the faith.

With that said, get going! Don’t waste any more time, especially during the winter months when the cold weather leaves us prone to packing on pounds. Ultimately, the day of reconciling is NOW.

If you have some simple strategies in place, you can keep your 2019 resolution(s) through January and beyond:

CTL + ALT + Don’t Eat

How many times do you press CTL + ALT + DELETE to make whatever is on your computer screen disappear? Think about high caloric food in a similar fashion: it’s much better to remove the taste from your lips in order to prevent years on your hips.

Wear Tight Clothes

Clothes too tight = time to eat right. If you wear loose clothing this winter, it is much easier to expand your waistline without paying attention to the additional pounds. But if your clothing is fitted, you will most certainly feel your waistband stretch when you fail to put down the fork and spoon.

H20 is a Go

Cheers! Fill up your glass with water and toast your resolutions. Let water become your best “filler upper” friend. It will help reduce hunger if you drink at least one glass of water before you eat anything. At parties, you may even consider adding sugar-free Jell-O in ice cubes to make your water festive without adding extra calories. Whatever floats your boat — guaranteed, you will be sailing a lot lighter at Cape Cod this summer!

Personalized GPS

Many folks rely on their GPS to find a route to their destination. Having a plan prior to leaving your home eliminates getting lost. Do the same if you want to live on Health Street: pave your way by planning to make good choices. Remember, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

These are only a few suggestions. Now is the time for YOU to create a customized plan to fulfill your New Year’s resolution. Just imagine the joyous celebration you can have when the ball drops on New Year’s Eve to 2020, knowing you fulfilled your 2019 heart’s desire.

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