After years of struggling with his weight, Jeff Keane, a nurse in BIDMC's operating rooms, decided to have weight loss surgery.

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Jeff before having weight loss surgery (left) and six months after (right).
Jeff before having weight loss surgery (left) and six months after (right).

"I'm very excited to have people encourage me on this road," Jeff said prior to his surgery. "Losing weight is my number one goal. I hope to prevent any chronic long-term medical illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. I want to be here and be healthy for my daughter, my wife, my parents and my friends."

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Post-weight loss surgery, BIDMC nurse Jeff Keane is looking forward to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and spending time with his family and friends.


Jeff talked with bariatric surgeon Dr. Daniel Jones, and selected the sleeve gastrectomy, or gastric sleeve, as the best option for him. Performed laparoscopically, the gastric sleeve will reduce the size of Jeff's stomach.


Three months after weight loss surgery, Jeff is working with his care team and his family to develop healthy eating habits.


Six months after weight loss surgery, Jeff Keane has lost more than a hundred pounds. He feels great, is working out with a personal trainer and looking forward to running a half marathon.


At the one-year anniversary of his weight loss surgery, Jeff has lost 120 pounds and has greatly improved heart health to show for it. The Weight Loss Surgery Center at BIDMC continues to support Jeff in maintaining his healthy habits.